Non-silenced piston electric compressors

Non-silenced piston electric compressors

In the range of non-silenced piston electrocompressors we offer the Blueline and Beltair Pro Ceccato selection. Powerful and efficient, the Blueline and Beltair Pro guarantee the success of all jobs requiring compressed air, both occasional and frequent.

Robust and reliable solutions, designed to last over time, with high efficiency motors and large flywheels, for optimal cooling. The compact and lightweight design makes them easy to move and use, featuring an anti-vibration pad under the front feet, sturdy rear wheels and easy oil checking and changing.

Download the technical sheet to select the Ceccato Blueline or Beltair Pro model best suited to your needs between:

  • Blueline 10 bar, 27-90 litres: for DIY enthusiasts and professionals who only need compressed air occasionally. Single-stage piston compressor with belt drive mounted on a small tank
  • Beltair Pro 10 bar, 27-200 litres: single stage with belt drive, it is an excellent solution for small workshops. Exceptional reliability combined with low noise levels, enabling excellent performance when and where it is needed.
  • Beltair Pro 11 or 15 bar: two-stage compressor that offers professionals greater performance, airflow and pressure. The 11 bar version is ideal for greater power delivery, while the 15 bar compressor is an optimal solution for high pressure applications.

and the various available configurations of these models.

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