Construction pumps

Flygt electric pumps: efficiency, reliability, and durability in solutions for the treatment of wastewater and surface water.

Type B electropumps
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The Flygt 2620 pump is designed to ensure reliability thanks to innovations that reduce wear on the impeller and seal. With Flygt, you have a pump that keeps working no matter what the situation, even in the toughest conditions. The hydraulic design of the Flygt 2600 series pumps makes them several times more resistant to wear than traditional drainage pumps. Our proven expertise in hydraulics has led to the creation of what we call the Dura-Spin™ system. The unique closed impeller and suction cover with Dura-Spin™ grooves work together to sweep abrasive particles away from the impeller neck. This exclusive design is just another reason why Flygt 2600 series pumps offer consistent performance every day. With its unique Spin-Out system, the Flygt 2600 series is unique in the market. Reliability has never been higher on a submersible pump, as the sealing system reduces the amount of abrasive particles in the seal cavity.

Self-priming motor pump
  • Motopompa autoadescante Godwin URI
  • Motopompa autoadescante URI Godwin


  • Dri-Prime® automatic self-priming system
  • Introducing Flygt N technology for high anti-clogging performance and continuous high efficiency
  • Oil-bath mechanical seal for dry operation and reduced maintenance costs
  • Anti-abrasion interfaces with silicon carbide for trouble-free operation
  • Monoblock structure for easy maintenance pump
  • Engines that comply with emission levels are available