Accessories for water treatment

Accessories for water treatment such as valves and gate valves, prefabricated stations, level regulators and self-cleaning systems: tools that allow maximum performance of water treatment systems. Contact us for more information. Contattaci per maggiori informazioni.

Accessories for water treatment: valves and sluice gates

  • Valvole Flygt URI di ritegno a saracinesca
  • Check valves and gate valves are water treatment accessories that allow 100% flow to avoid clogging.
  • High-quality valves ensure a long maintenance cycle
  • The valves can be installed both horizontally and vertically

Accessories for water treatment:

prefabricated stations

  • Stazione prefabbricata Flygt URI
  • Stazione di pompaggio prefabbricata URI Flygt
  • Stazione di pompaggio prefabbricata Flygt URI
  • Well-proven design that prevents collapse and ensures long service life
  • The self-anchoring foot reduces installation costs
  • The bowl-shaped bottom minimizes sediment buildup
  • The lifting handles allow the Compit to be positioned manually
  • Different tank sizes are available for simplex or duplex pump installation
Level controllers

The proper level regulation is essential for operational reliability. The lack of proper regulation can cause improper operation, damage to the pump, or, in the worst case, an overflow that results in environmental and economic consequences. With many years of experience and countless satisfied users, the natural choice for level regulation is the Flygt ENM-10

Accessories for water treatment:

Autocleaning systems

  • Among the water treatment accessories, the Flygt drain valve keeps the pump sump clean, minimizing unscheduled maintenance calls.
  • At each pump start, a powerful water jet prevents the accumulation of sediments and floating foam layers. After a few seconds, the valve automatically closes and the pump operates normally.
  • The discharge valve operates without the need for electrical power or a control system.
  • The Flygt 3000 series is ready for installation of the discharge valve. Two sizes of discharge valve are available:
    • Type 4910, for pumps> 2 kW
    • Type 4901, for pumps 2 to 100 kW.