Water concrete injection systems

Solutions for the injection of materials, with or without water, in various conformations, from electric to hydraulic to air.

Jetting machine for micropiles DM21 Mac-Edil

The jetting machine for micropiles DM21 allows a direct injection of water with the possibility to directly locate it under the silos.
Equipped with electrical panel, mixing chamber cleaner, self-priming water pump, complete lung support flange, 22 m. electric remote control, 35 mm. diameter grout hose, pressure relief valve with pressure gauge and 7 m water suction hose for pump.

URI pompa-mac-edil-dm21-11
  • Tri phases power(15kW generator set recommended): 400 V – 5,5 kW – 7,5 HP
  • Min/max flow rate(depends on auger and lung): 20/100 l/min
  • max pressure: 30 bar
  • Max pumpable grain: 0-3 mm
  • Load capacity: 60 kg
  • Max pumping distance: 70 – 90 m
  • Height: 950 mm
  • Width: 630 mm
  • Length: 1.380 mm
  • Weight: 170 lg
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Ocmer OCM16 Simplex
OCM16 Simplex URI Ocmer

Rotor machine for the dry spraying of guinte, concrete and refractory mixes


  • Pneumatic engine GAST 16 AM FRV2, HP=9, with filter, pressure regulator and silencer
  • 12 sectors rotor (6 liters volume) compelte with wear plates in superhard material and 50 mm discharge cone
  • Exhaust body and exhaust cone lined with rubber inserts
  • Pneumatic vibrator on loading hopper
  • Dust collector filter on compressed air vent hole
  • Centralized system with manual pump for the lubrication of rubber seals
  • 20 m of anti-abrasive rubber hose (ABRADIN DIN: 53516; 36 MM3) 50×70 mm complete with fitting and quick lever joint and complete lance with 50 mm adiprene nozzle (new type)
  • Max effective flow rate: 3-3,5 m³/h (in the configuration suggested below)
  • Max grain size: 16 mm
  • Max reacheable distance: 300 m horizontally, 60 m in vertically
  • Air consumption: 5000-6000 l/m a 4-6 bar (for 30-40 m of horizontal piping)
  • Weight: 480-520 kg
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B1 Bunker manual

B1 Bunker for pumping and mixing is completely manual and it is generally used for small jobs, its reduced size enables it to be used in places that are difficult to access. Bunker is a company leader in its field, thanks to decades of experience in the field of pumping and mixing solutions production and marketing.

  • Horizontal transport distance(depends on the material, its consistency and on the diameter of the pipes): 40 m
  • Vertical transport distance (depends on the material, consistency and diameter of the pipes): 40 m: 15 m
  • Theoretical flow rate(the maximum flow rate and pressure values can not be reached simultaneously): 6 l/min
  • Theoretical pressure(the maximum flow rate and pressure values ​​cannot be reached simultaneously): 15 bar
  • Grain size: 0-2 mm
  • Mixer: 120 kW
  • Loading height: 570 mm
  • Length: 1700 mm
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Height: 910 mm
  • Weight: 75 kg