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Trust, cooperation, commitment, and a sense of responsibility are core values for us and enable us to offer reliability, excellent products, on-time shipments, and unparalleled support and maintenance services.

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Over the years, we have always been able to respond to new needs by expanding and improving our offerings. Electric compressors and equipment for compressed air treatment, pumps for water supply and sewerage, submersible mixers and suction excavators are just some of the products we make available.

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Our widespread distribution network and the effectiveness of our four technical-commercial divisions enable us to serve the international market without limitations.

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You can’t face a century of history without changing. We are always attentive to innovation, with constant investments in human and material resources. Technological updates, continuous renewal of products and services, personnel training, and development of quality management systems are some of the strategies we implement to meet the needs of an increasing number and variety of clients.