Chains, slings and tie rods

Only the best brands to ensure reliability and safety

Chains, slings and tie rods

We distribute steel rope tie rods and accessories, chain slings, eyebolts and anchor points, continuous slings and rings, protections and anchoring systems.
We deal with the best brands, recognized in Italy and abroad for the quality of their performance and materials.
In our offer you can find:

  • steel rope slings
  • chain slings
  • eye hooks, swivel, shank, din, special
  • streight and omega shackles
  • revolving eyebolts, of steel alloy, galvanized, stainless steel
  • lashing systems
  • polyester accessories for lifting and anchoring
  • steel accessories for ropes and chains
  • arnessess and anti fall safety components
  • double layer colored polyester tie rods
  • multi-leg slings in PBM polyester rope
  • multi-leg slings in grade 8 chain
  • grade 8 accessories for lifting
  • multi-leg slings in grade 10 chain
  • grade 10 accessories for lifting
  • slings in reels
  • clips
  • lashing systems
  • lad binders
  • chain hoists

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