Tool accessories

Accessories for hydraulic and pneumatic tools Compatible with our BBG and Stanley products as well as tools from other air and hydraulic hammer manufacturers. Contact us for more information!

Bull point

The universal chisel, optimal for creating openings in concreate, bricks and many other materials and for removal of loose stones, The forged pyramidal tip allows to better penetrate the materials and to reduce power loss.

Flat chisel

Universal tool in terms of application with additional cutting and breaking surface. Ideal for opening breakthroughs in concrete, brick and many more materials and for removing loose stones, mortar residues and concrete protrusions.

Long scaling chisel

Tool with a wider cutting surface. Ideal for concrete removal, even in case of slightly frozen ground.

Digging chisel

Ideal for cutting thin layers of asphalt or soil.

Clay spade

Specific tool for cutting asphalt or hard soil.

Asphalt cutter

The wide and rounded cutting edge makes it the specific tool for heavy duty road breaking in difficult locations.

Tamping tool with forged plate

Tool specific for compacting sand, soil, gravel and crushed asphalt. Plate, square or rounded, is interchangable.