Electric pumps

Flygt electric pumps: efficiency, reliability, and durability in solutions for the treatment of wastewater and surface water.

Electropumps type N anti-clogging
  • Elettropompa Flygt URI con filtro anti intaasamento
  • Filtro anti intasamento pompa Flygt URI
  • girante_elettropompa_Flygt_URI_filtroN_antintasamento
  • Spaccato elettropompa FLygt URI con filtro N anti intasamento

Type N electric pumps feature a patented technology with an innovative self-cleaning impeller, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption and unplanned maintenance interventions.

  • Modular and flexible
  • Robust and reliable
  • Energy saving up to 25%
Electropumps type M with grinding unit
  • Elettropompa Flygt URI M con gruppo trituratore
  • Flygt URI girante elettrompompa M
  • Flygt URI gamma elettropompe tipo M con gruppo trituratore

The M series electropumps with grinder unit are high-performance submersible pumps suitable for pumping sewage from residential, commercial, and agricultural areas.

They are particularly suitable for use in pressurized water management systems, where flat terrain, uphill topography, shallow rocks, or elevated water tables can present a challenging task for conventional gravity-based systems.

Electropumps type PL axial-flow
Elettropompa Flygt URI PL Elica
  • Motor designed for submersible use. The heat is concentrated on the stator core thus improving the cooling properties.
  • Aluminum-bronze impeller for normal use in most applications.
  • Optional stainless steel impeller for applications that require the use of this material.
  • Self-cleaning guide vanes to optimize performance in contaminated water.
  • Martensitic stainless steel shaft provides greater strength and corrosion resistance
  • Optionally, duplex stainless steel shaft for greater corrosion resistance.
  • Double mechanical seal. Two sets of shaft mechanical seals that work independently and provide double safety. Available in tungsten carbide (WCCR) or silicon carbide (SiC), depending on the liquid being pumped.
  • SUBCAB® motor cable specifically developed for submersible use
Electropumps type H anti-abrasion
Elettropompa H Flygt URI


  • Easy to transport
  • It features an impeller with arrow-shaped blades to achieve a homogeneous flow
  • All parts subject to wear are made of heavy iron
  • Sludge sealing system
  • Option of internal cooling. Optional agitators.