Impact drills and underwater hammer drills

Stanley underwater impact drills and hammer drills: the performance of Stanley hydraulic tools for underwater work. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Stanley DL 07/65 underwater drill

The Stanley DL07 hydraulic drill is a fast drill with chuck and 1/2″ key with variable forward/reverse system, for drilling and underwater applications. The torque of the DL07 hydraulic drill is more than enough to drill steel, masonry, wood or coral. It has a dual position handle and a standard trigger guard. Like the other tools in the range it is painted in high visibility yellow.
  • Lightweight, non-percussion impact drill for drilling wood, metal, masonry and coral.
  • Reversible rotation.
  • Oil flow 11-38 lpm.
  • Self-centering chuck for drills with a diameter of up to 13 mm.

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Stanley HD 45/31 underwater hammer drill

Lightweight, solid and powerful, the Stanley HD 45UW underwater hydraulic drill with two-hand fixed handle is ideal for light to medium jobs. It excels in power and mobility when drilling concrete. Ideal for making holes for anchors.

The long operating lever allows the operator to partialize the oil flow and the lateral control lever allows a gradual increase of the rotation speed, from zero to maximum. The two controls thus facilitate positioning the tip on the material to be drilled and starting drilling. The lateral control lever also allows the operator to reverse the direction of rotation. The perforator complies with European standards.

  • Bleedless hammer drill for drilling concrete.
  • Adjustable rotation speed.
  • Oil flow 30 lpm.
  • Attachment for twist drills with Skil 736 hexagon and max diameter 50 mm.

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Download the technical data sheet