Over the last few years, environmental sustainability has acquired more and more importance within business contexts, where the commitment to reduce consumption and to transform companies into green ones is increasing considerably. The global challenges that aim at sustainability are addressed both to large companies with a strong international presence and to smaller ones, which operate mainly in the national context. In fact, each company, regardless of its size and areas of activity, forms part of an increasingly globalized system, which dictates precise rules: environmental efficiency, sustainable development and innovation.

Our company, in order to be competitive and keep up with the changing needs of the market, is a partner of producers who aim at digital and sustainable transformation and therefore at improving performance and business processes.


Our machines, from Atlas Copco compressors to drilling rigs, are equipped with Stage V engines that reduce emissions of polluting agents up to 98%, offering greater efficiency in terms of fuel consumption and much higher performance. Furthermore, thanks to the advanced technologies developed, Ceccato electric compressors allow combining energy savings with higher reliability and longer life. In the case of Flygt pumps, the exploitation of innovation has made it possible to contain the consumption of water and energy, achieving a high degree of resilience to environmental impacts.

Through the integration of sustainable practices within its business model, URI’s aim consist of creating a healthier future, seeking to meet the highest standards of sustainability, limiting the environmental impact.