The promptness in satisfying the customer’s needs, the reliability of the service offered thanks to the know-how acquired over the years and the lasting partnership with worldwide producers that allows us to fully develop operational potentialities are the core of our business reality. The synergy of these elements has permitted us to identify the most suitable solution for different needs, bringing innovation and technology into the field.

With professionalism and competence, our company has always played an important role in trading and renting drilling machines, especially for quarries and worksites, offering varied and innovative solutions, aimed at respecting the environment and taking advantage of new digital technologies.

This ability to solve operational problems through the use of technology has been concretely applied in the Pompeian Tunnel on the Autostrada dei Fiori in Liguria, where renovation interventions have been carried out using some of our machines. First of all we can find our MORI M45 IS hydraulic drill rig which was used for the execution of riveting and holes with self-drilling bars, suitably customized according to customer requirements. In this case, rods were automated to make 360° drilling easier. Minimizing the manual contribution of operators, safety and efficiency of drilling have been improved. Moreover, the compactness and the multiple joints make the machine suitable for working in limited spaces.

In addition, in collaboration with ILMEG, we have studied a system to be able to equip machines with a fixed dust collector CDC 1000, which is also useful for regenerating the air quality of the workplace. To complete the works other machineries from our fleet have been used, including light towers and generator sets, that contribuited to increase the work site productivity.

Watch the video of our machineries in action!

Mori_M45IS_URI Lavori in galleria