With this article U.R.I. presents to its customers a new product: Pengo CSE Series hydraulic auger.

After a brief introduction to hydraulic augers and their wide range of employments, we will focus on Pengo hydraulic augers, highlighting the innovation within the CSE series.

What is an hydraulic auger and how it works

Hydraulic augers are tools that use pressurized hydraulic oil to set a piston or a gear in motion. In this kind of tools the oil runs through a closed circuit: it is taken from the tank, pumped towards the piston or gear to be set in motion and it eventually returns to the tank where it was initially taken.

This brief description of the operation of hydraulic augers allows us to immediately highlight some important features:

  • the hydraulic auger can be coupled to any machine equipped with an hydraulic circuit, with flow rate and operating pressure that match the values on the tool plate;
  • hydraulic augers do not emit fumes or other pollutants, as they do not work with open drains;
  • the hydraulic circuit does not contain air, hence condensation that might rust the metal parts or freeze at low temperatures, therefore causing a malfunctioning in the movement of the mechanisms;
  • hydraulic augers do not have electrical or electronic components, so they can be used underwater or in any other environment not compatible with voltage.

After this premise, it is necessary to distinguish hand-held hydraulic augers from mounted augers. The first ones are directly directly held by one or two operators, while the latters are attached on the boom of machines such as excavators, mini excavators, backhoe loaders, tractors or telehandlers.

On average, hand-held augers can drill holes no more than 90-120 cm deep; diameters can be maximum 20 cm, if the tool is operated by one person only, or maximum 45 cm if the maneuverers are two.

Mounted augers, being larger and heavier, develop much greater torque and are therefore capable of drilling holes up to 5 m deep with diameters up to 80 cm.

Pengo hydraulic mounted augers: a partnership with Stanley

In march 2019, Pengo Attachments & Paladin Attachments joined Stanley Infrastructure, a division of Stanley Black & Decker Inc. The official announcement was posted on Pengo web site.

Stanley Infrastructure is the world’s largest manufacturer of hand-held hydraulic tools and a leader on the global market, including brands such as Stanley, Paladin, Labounty, Dubuis and, as mentioned, Pengo.

The partnership between Pengo and Stanley, with their common tradition of focusing on quality and performance of solutions, led to the development of innovative products with ever-increasing performances, such as the new hydraulic mounted augers of the Pengo CSE series.

Pengo hydraulic arm auger: technical features

The following picture shows the innovative features of the product, that are summarized below:

  • internal parts of the hydraulic motor and drive shaft in forged steel, to ensure high strength and durability;
  • lubrication points immediately accessible on all units of the series;
  • compact and efficient hydraulic motor with high torque;
  • high oil flow capacity to ensure high productivity;
  • no drain line required, for simplified installation;
  • gears precisely machined, to maximize durability and efficiency;
  • single piece anti-slip shaft, to eliminate the risk of misalignment;
  • oversized bearings for shock absorption;
  • radial seals for extreme use, to reduce downtime for maintenance;
  • steel protection of the seals fitted as standard.

Uses of Pengo hydraulic augers

Pengo hydraulic augers are efficient and reliable in any situation, even the most critical, such as underwater environment. In any working condition, from the easiest to the most extreme, the CSE series augers stand out for their strengths, which are:

  • power, having a high torque motor which reduces working times;
  • versatility, suitable for any hydraulic circuit respecting the nominal values for oil flow and pressure;
  • resistance, thanks to their innovative case which insulates the engine from external agents;
  • lightness and ease of transport (they are marketed in a packaging that can be forklifted, to facilitate handling and storage).

Power, versatility, resistance and lightness mean that the machines in the CSE range can be used with excellent results on construction sites and in agriculture, mounted on mini and midi excavators, even on tractors. The fields of applications are many: drilling holes for road barriers or urban fences, excavations for civil or emergency construction sites, holes for foundations and screw anchors, drilling of wells for agriculture.

Bits for hydraulic augers

Pengo hydraulic augers are coupled with specifically designed bits, a result of constant research and commitment to innovation.

Among the main features of Pengo hydraulic auger bits we mention:

  • central core with high resistance to torsion torque and bending stress, prolonging the working life of the tool;
  • extended flight height, to maximize spoil removal;
  • shallow pitch flighting to increase the volume of material retained by the auger, hence reducing the amount falling back into the hole;
  • flighting extruded from steel with high grade wear resistance;
  • progressive spiral cutting geometry, characterized by the combined action of two sides that work on different lines to increase productivity and stability;
  • progressive tooth cutting pressure, again to improve productivity and drilling stability;
  • two different extensions available.


Pengo hydraulic augers are a new product for Italy, now available because they have been included in the range of hydraulic tools distributed exclusively by U.R.I. S.P.A.

U.R.I. has been the exclusive distributor of Stanley hydraulic tools in Italy since 2002 (click here to discover all the products of the range) and has qualified over the years as an all-in-one solutions provider.

By trusting U.R.I., customers can benefit of these advantages:

  • expert and careful consulting, able to understand their needs and supply the product that best serves those needs;
  • a large warehouse, where the most requested machines are kept ready for delivery and can be shipped to any place, in Italy or abroad;
  • after-sales assistance service based on a well-equipped and organized workshop and on the prompt delivery of the most consumed spare parts.

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