Atlas Copco X 28 portable air compressor: the new arrival in URI rental fleet

In this article we present the Atlas Copco X 28 portable air compressor, the latest arrival in our rental fleet.

URI’s rental fleet

Our rental fleet includes a wide range of products that aim to satisfy different needs related to drilling: various configurations of drilling rigs, boomers for nailing and tunneling work, air compressors and dust control solutions.

As regards the rental fleet relating to the production of compressed air, we make available to our customers numerous models of Atlas Copco portable air compressors.

The fleet currently consists of around 60 portable air compressors, differentiated by consumption, air production and technology, from the smallest models to the Drill Air range, the Atlas Copco line dedicated to soil engineering, drilling, including geothermal, to blasting and the creation of water wells.

All the portable air compressors in our rental fleet are also maintained by our expert technicians, vertically specialized in the repair, overhaul and maintenance of Atlas products and capable of intervening promptly to provide customer assistance.

Portable air compressor Atlas Copco X 28

The Atlas Copco X 28 portable air compressor is the new arrival in our rental fleet It is a large portable air compressor from the latest generation Drill Air range, equipped with all the technological developments made available by Atlas research, aimed at constantly improving the performance of the products and, at the same time, reducing their environmental impact. Let’s review some key elements:

  • Scania DC13 engine: all engines in the Drill Air range comply with the Stage V standard, the latest European emissions regulation. and the particulate filter. Stage V engines, in fact, reduce nitrogen monoxide and dioxide and particulate emissions thanks to the use of urea-based additives and selective catalytic reduction, the diesel oxidation catalyst and the particulate filter.
  • AirXpert 2.0: AirXpert 2.0 is the performance management system for Atlas Copco motor compressors that allows you to have full control of the flow and pressure of the compressor. Thanks to AirXpert 2.0 the operator can adjust either the flow or the pressure while the compressor automatically adjusts the other
  • Dynamic flow boost: Dynamic flow boost is an algorithm that allows the user to optimize the air flow in the different phases of the drilling process, allowing the obtainment of a flow increased by 10% at each cycle, with a consequent time saving.

Other features of the Atlas Copco portable air compressor X 28 are the increased fuel tank, which, with a capacity of 1200 litres, allows for maximum autonomy; the remote control with a coverage of up to 300 meters, for remotely controlling the main functions; the chassis approved for road towing; the final coolant and the condensate separator, to reduce the temperature of the outlet area and, consequently, condensation and impurities; the the suction block valve, essential for use in critical environments such as refineries or in the presence of flammable gases.

Why choose the Atlas Copco X 28 portable air compressor from URI rental fleet

Choosing this -compressor means investing in a reliable, efficient and eco-friendly solution, maintained and serviced by expert technicians specialized vertically on the product (to learn more about the solutions of the Atlas Copco motor-compressor rental range we recommend visiting the dedicated page.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, questions and further information, our sales specialist Roberto will be happy to offer you the best solution for your work.

Here you can consult the Drill Air range brochure.