Utility chain saws

Chain saws for cutting pipes: Stanley hydraulic tools specific for the intended use. Contact us for more information!

Stanley Ds 12 utility chain saw

The D 12 chain saw is a specific tool for cutting cast iron, copper, HDPE, PVC and non-reinforced pre-stressed concrete pipes. It uses a chain with particular diamond and carbide inserts, different from those used for diamond cutting. Thanks to the hydraulic drive, the DS 12 has no exhaust fume emissions and noise and protects operators from the risk of electrocution.

The typical application is the cutting of cast iron water pipes lying in place: water network maintainers are well aware of the problem of having to cut the pipe inside the excavation where it is laid. The operation, if carried out with traditional systems, requires a lot of time, effort and the use of bulky, heavy and sometimes dangerous equipment. Thanks to the DS 12 it is possible to carry out the cut in a single pass, with minimal effort and in a very short time, even with the pipe placed against the wall of the excavation.

  • Weight 12 Kg.
  • Oil flow 26-34 lpm.
  • Oil pressure 70-140 bar.

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