Underwater diamond saw

Stanley DS 11/5 underwater diamond saw

Among underwater chain saws, the Stanley DS 11 underwater diamond chain saw is specifically designed to cut solid concrete underwater. It allows the operator to make square angle cuts without overcutting and can cut marine walls up to 18″ thick. Two bar lengths (15″ and 18″) and two different chains are available depending on the amount of reinforcement and hardness of the concrete being cut. A minimum water pressure of 20 PSI is required on the saw for cooling and lubricating the chain bar. Painted in high visibility yellow like the other underwater hydraulic tools in the range.

  • For even heavy-duty cutting of masonry, concrete, reinforced concrete and natural stone.
  • Bars and chains available, length 38 and 45 cm.
  • Weight 11 Kg.
  • Oil flow 45 lpm.

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