“Having the opportunity to experience the working reality here in URIthanks to the support of two Product Managers, who introduced me to their daily tasks by deepening theoretical concepts and illustrating in detail the operation of the machines they deal with on a daily base, has allowed me to enter a world that otherwise, in all likelihood, would have remained unexplored, allowing me to understand the functioning of a technical-commercial company and teaching me the importance of customer loyaltythru the continuous and consistent interaction with them.

From the explanation of the most appropriate method to carry out maintenance to the importance of having a complete view of the situation in order to operate correctly; from observation of the change of some steel cables on a drilling rig to supervision of the replacement of components on motor-driven compressors, the help that the specialized technicians working inside the company have provided me, thru the chance of diving in into the practical part, imparting precious notions on the best way to carry out some specific service and above all ensuring that I can “see first-hand” some of the things treated only theoretically, have been fundamental for a more detailed and simple learning.

Overall, the environment I have experienced has allowed me a total immersion with an exponential growth in knowledge and above all in the interest in specific commercial environments and working areas, making the period I have undergone very fulfilling”.

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