Technology plays an increasingly crucial role, even in companies which are active in the drilling sector. The growing demands for energy efficiency, safety on worksites, reduction of CO2 emissions and productivity are the factors that are driving a technological transition in construction industry.

In the Lugano-Paradiso area, along the banks of the Swiss lake, work is underway on the construction of a residential-health complex for the elderly.
The protagonist couple put into action for the realization of this great special foundation work is constituted by the two Casagrande drilling machines C9 XP-2 and C16 XP-2, used in unison to obtain a better performance in terms of power and flexibility, given the complexity of the worksite due to the proximity to the water. To facilitate the excavation phase near the lake, a protective dam was built thanks to the insertion with a down-the-hole hammer of a series of 16-meter-long steel pipes starting from an excavation of -8m, which allowed an uncompromising hydraulic seal. We are talking about the I-C Pile technology which, unlike standard application techniques, provides for the creation of a much higher watertight wall, reaching up to 5 bar pressure. In this way, a perimeter of foundation piles was created, through jetting columns, which acts as a basis for the elevation of the building, thus blocking the entry of water.


In addition, the worksite was enhanced by the SPM-Smart Power Management system – for power management – and the Full Load Sensing hydraulic system, innovative technologies that both C Series drilling machines are equipped with. This translates into an optimal use of engine power and a significant reduction in consumption, significantly improving the productivity-performance ratio of the machines.

All this has been made possible thanks to the technical partnership between companies, including URI, which are committed to realize a work in total safety and paying attention to environmental issues, thanks to the high professionalism and cutting-edge techniques implemented.