In this article we are presenting the use of our Comacchio MC 4D in the renovation of Sassuolo’s Carani Theater

The Carani Theater in Sassuolo, a cultural icon of inestimable historical and cultural value, indeed, is undergoing a significant transformation thanks to a major scientific restoration project aimed at turning the building into an example of environmental sustainability.
One of the fundamental pillars of this project is the transition from a traditional natural gas heating system to one that uses geothermal energy. This means that Carani Theater will not only become more comfortable for the audience and artists but will also contribute to respect the environment.

The use of the Comacchio MC 4D

But how was it possible to realize such a bold project? The answer lies in the Comacchio MC 4D drilling rig, a machine that has proven to be up to the innovative challenge. This hydraulic drill rig, typically used for the construction of micropiles up to 20/30 meters deep, exceeded all expectations reaching drilling depths of over 70 meters and in some cases up to 120 meters.

MC4 Comacchio teatro Carani URI

This machine has demonstrated unparalleled operational resilience, adapting to the needs of the Carani construction site, characterized by cramped spaces and difficult access. It is equipped with a separate power unit, specifically designed to perform work inside buildings with limited maneuverability. Therefore, its flexibility made it possible to complete a complex drilling activity, paving the way for the installation of the geothermal system.
The MC 4D is highly customizable according to specific operational needs. In addition, depending on site requirements, it can be supplied with a soundproof diesel power unit or in electric mode, thus demonstrating a further commitment to environmental sustainability.
Synergies and collaboration between companies are crucially important to face up to complex challenges such as the restoration of the Theater. This project demonstrates how the combination of specialized skills and innovative progress can lead to extraordinary results. Indeed, the Comacchio MC 4D drilling machine is a practical example of how technological innovation can be put at the service of cultural heritage and environmental conservation.

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