In this article we present the use of our Comacchio MC 22 drilling machine for the consolidation and extension works of Rapallo marina dock.

In the context of port infrastructure, the use of the Comacchio MC 22 represents a major breakthrough in drilling technology in terms of efficiency and safety.

Versatility and customization: the features of the MC 22

The MC 22 is a drilling machine that stands out for its ability to drill holes of large diameter and depth, a key feature to ensure stable consolidation of port structures. It also allows the operational capacity of the dock to be extended, thus meeting the needs of an ever-expanding marina.

Being equipped with a special articulation system, the MC 22 allows a variety of movements and inclinations that make it suitable for multiple civil engineering works, even in confined spaces. In this particular work, the MC 22 drilling machine has been suitably modified by the manufacturer to allow undercut cantilever machining, allowing the holes to be drilled directly from the dock and avoiding the use of the pontoon resulting in an economic and speed advantage.

You can see all the technical data of the rig here.

Efficiency and sustainability

The modern mechanical industry demands cutting-edge solutions that can combine high performance with a strong focus on the environment. In this context, the MC 22 stands out, offering a wide choice of motors designed to meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability.

Another strength of the MC 22 lies in its flexibility: thanks to an extremely versatile hydraulic design, the machine is able to optimize engine’s power draw according to the specific needs of the work. This not only ensures high performance, but also reduces energy waste, thus contributing to the conservation of natural resources.

A reliable partner: Comacchio

We are proud to partner with Comacchio, a trusted supplier for our company. Founded in 1986, Comacchio has proven to be a competent partner in the drilling industry.

Thanks to the partnerhsip with Comacchio, we are able to offer our customers cutting-edge drilling solutions while ensuring efficiency and reliability.

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