Project Description

XAS 188-14 PACE

PORTABLE SCREW COMPRESSOR ATLAS COPCO XAX 188-14 PACE with adjustable towbar and brake, engine Stage V

Normal effective working pressure 5-14 bar
Actual free air delivery 10.900 – 9.700 l/min
Sound power level (CE 2000/14 fase II) 99 dB(A)
Sound power level at 7 m 71 dB(A)
Compressor oil system capacity 27 l
Engine model John Deere 4045HI551 STAGE V
No. of cylinders 4
Speed, full load 1.960 giri/min
Output at rated speed 104 kW
Fuel tank capacity 164 l
Length (raised towbar) 4.844 mm
Width 1.807 mm
Height 1.818 mm
Weight (ready to operate) 2.250 kg

Atlas Copco XAS188-14 PACE data sheet
Brochure XAS 188-10 PACE

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