Project Description

Mincon 8DH Down The Hole (DTH) Hammer

The Mincon XP80-380 is a hammer designed specially for exploration. An improved air flow design allows for better utilization of large volumes of air employed in deep hole exploration. Built on the field proven technology of the Mincon 8DH, the XP80-380 delivers superior penetration rates versus other manufacturers.

Like all Mincon DTH hammers, the XP80-380 maintains excellent operating pressure over an extended service life on all compressor sizes and overall is the tool you require to get the maximum out of all your equipment.

Mincon Products are all manufactured in house, and all processes are carried out under the one roof. This guarantees that the quality you “Expect” is always delivered.

Brochure: mincon dhd380 catalogo
Operation & Service Manual : mincon dhd380 uso e manutenzione

General Specifications US Metric
Outside diameter  7.15″ 181 mm
Mnimum Bit Size  7.88″ 200 mm
Hammer Length (A)  47.4″ 1205 mm
Hammer Weight  385 lbs 175 Kg
Piston Weight  86 lbs 39.1 Kg
Wear Sleeve Reverse Limit  6.770″ 172 mm
Bit Shank Type  DHD 380
Backhead Thread  M 4 1/2″ API R
Air consumprion 10 bar  12400 lt/m
Air consumprion 17 bar  22000 lt/min
Air consumprion 24 bar  31000 lt/min

DTH Hammer