Project Description

Drilling slides

  • Length 2350mm;
  • Standard rods length L 1000 (on request L 1500);
  • Pull / Push 1000 kg;;
  • Switchgear weight 13 kg, pneumatic valves and pressure regulator iembedded;
  • Oiler line and connecting hoses included;
  • Weight slide 54 kg;
  • Suitable for DTH and top hammer project;
  • Predisposition to work with dth or top hammer sistem with the same slide;
  • Chain feed;
  • Stainless steel frame;
  • On request: sled slope; different lenght, up to 3000 mm;

Pneumatic drilling slide in stainless steel.
Titan is a lightweight drilling slide, suitable for buildings, rock walls and scaffold works.
TITAN is built with a tubular stainless steel frame, can be installed an air engine (for dth works) or top hammer for integral rods use.

The special structure “trellis” gives high mechanical strength with low weight (only 54 kg), thus reducing time needed for shift and placement.

On request we build pneumatic drilling slides for excavators.

Photo Gallery 1: slitta da parete
Photo Gallery 2: slitta escavatore