Project Description

Button bit Karbo

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KARBO-high-speed drill bit with the following advantages:
Construction only by 3” and 4” bits
The drill bit head has been shaped so the side channels widen greatly to the rear in the direction of rotation. This has the effect of letting the drillings flow off optimally, thus improving drilling progress and reducing wear. At the same time, this shape distributes air and bore dust evenly around the drill hammer which prevents premature wear being made by sand blasting at the chuck.

Back-cutters only by 3” and 4” bits
The edges of the side channels which slope to the rear in the direction of rotation have been designed as back -cutters. This is particularly advantageous in soft rock such as limestone and slate as well as for drilling through clay layers and fissured areas. In addition, the back-cutters release the drill bit when it is pulled out of the drill hole.

The material has been improved by special smelting so that there are practically never any fatigue fractures.

Centre drilling only by bits with Ø 85-95 mm
With drill bits with centre drilling this is moved approx. ½ hole thickness in the head, and the blow-off air is guided against the bottom of the drill hole. The air blows the drillings away immediately through the impressions in the face of the hihg-speed drill bit. This means that there is no longer any build-up of bore dust between the bit head and the bottom of the drill hole thus guaranteeing rapid drilling progress.

Carbide buttons

The high-speed drill bit is fitted with extremely wear-resistant carbide. Options are ballistic, round or conical buttons, depending on the rock formation ! The buttons are arranged so that they wear evenly. The outer edge has an uneven number of buttons which means that drilling is rounder and the quality of the drill hole is better.

Economic feasibility
These improvements have once again considerably reduced drilling costs, as the unique special design of the bit head increases drilling progress with more rapid drilling and at the same time no increase in air and energy consumption. Simple and economical repointing increases the drilling output and service life of these
high-speed drill bits considerably.

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