The foundation

URI’s history begins in 1925 in Trento. The core business is the explosives trade; quarries, mine and road worksites are the natural customers.

Our history

URI’s founders are Gigino (Luigi) Battisti, Cesare’s son, an Italian irredentist hero, and the count Giannantonio Manci. Some years later Mario Agostini joins the company as the third business partner.

During the World War Two Giannantonio Manci  e Gigino Battisti are protagonists of the Italian Resistance movement: Manci dies in the Gestapo prison in Bolzano, while Battisti, partisan and member of the CLN (National Liberation Committee), is elected major of Trento immediately after the Liberation.

In the post-war period, URI becomes more influent and, throughout strategic market choices, grows and changes under the direction of the Agostini’s family, who is running the company still today.

The development

We have been enlarging our product range in order to satisfy the customers’ needs: air compressors and air treatment devices, water & wastewater pumps, submersible mixers are just few examples of the products we can supply to the construction industry, both for sale and for rent. We offer technical consultancy and service onsite and in shop in the same time.

URI nowadays

Our agility is the key which let us build an organization capable of good strategy execution to face challenges in an international market. Thanks to our capillary distribution network we can reach the customer wherever he is.

URI of tomorrow

We are future-oriented, careful to catch every sign of change, addressing resources to customers satisfaction.


We rely on a partnership rooted on trust and honesty of our proposals.

We propose ourselves as a reliable partner in the international market thanks to the quality of the products, our technical and commercial personnel’s skills, punctuality in shipping and timeliness in service and maintenance.

We keep on investing on human and material resources in order to achieve our goals. The technological updating, the research of innovative products and services, the HR formation, the development of the quality management system are the means to satisfy the requests coming from an increasing number and kind of customers.

Our quality management system has been certified conform to ISO 9001 standard since 1998.