The life and history of URI are to be found in construction yards and quarries, on roads and through tunnels. These infrastructures constitute a complex universe, in some ways an ancient one, responding to economic laws of its own. This world, at the roots of our country’s growth, is the back-bone of its development. For this reason, taking into consideration its role, URI is the enterprise in its noblest meaning. However, it is growingly harder to establish a company in Italy in this sector. Nowadays competitiveness depends on 3 factors: value transfer, service and partnership. 

This implies that growth would never occur if high quality products, common wide-ranging strategies and views, materials and human resources capable of developing projects and creating synergies were lacking. We have been collaborating with Italian businesses and international companies alike for almost a century, favoured as we were by our geographic position at first, and we can surely say that our strength depends on having in our DNA the three key factors mentioned above. 

When Ufficio Rappresentanze Industriali was founded in 1925, the aims of Count Manci and of the young Gigino Battisti undoubtedly expressed a modern vision of the company. It was a middle-class view, which focused its attention on the value of counselling and problem solving. 

In the Italy of 1947, devastated by a terrible war, Mario Agostini joined the company and imbued it with his concern for high-value projects and services. We have always been close to the work of our customers, we provide them with our experience; we believe that beyond supply, the superior quality of our products and our specific competences, what really matters is the skill in solving problems and in safeguarding the customer through an “ethical” approach to the job.